USA NOW is an application we were tasked to design for Partners + Napier during the Spring 2017 semester. 
The goal of the project was to reinvigorate the USA TODAY brand in hopes of attracting a more millenial audience to the platform.

Project Type

UI/UX, Motion, Class Project, Client Project



10 Weeks, Spring 2017




The USA TODAY LIFE page is repetitive and not unique to its content. Re-imagining the mobile version of the feature content section for USA TODAY LIFE will bring its content forward and allow us to share it with people more successfully.


1.  REFRESH THE BRAND Splinter the USA TODAY LIFE section into an entirely new application focused on delivering curated top headlines to the user.

2.  GESTURE BASED SHARINGIntroduce a swipe based system that allows the user to rapidly share content with their peers in as little time as possible.

3.  MAKE DON DRAPER AND CO. HAPPYIncorporate an advertising method that is both effective and unobtrusive the base user experience.


Relevant, bite sized content

Five full-screen panels of curated news appear on the front page, with each sporting a bold headline with a small description with the purpose of hooking the user into the story.

Just swipe to read and share

Swipe left once to enter an article, swipe left again to share it with your friends and family. 

Fair advertising

Once you exhaust your current stories, you can opt to view another curated top 5- you just need to pass through a short advertisement.


User Story


John Wolfenstein 

          John is a 23 year old grad student currently attending university. He has limited time between classes but is interested in how many Grammy's Beyonce has won. He opens up his trusty USA NOW app to read about the current top news in his circle. John finds the article pertaining to his interests and decides that he wants to share it with all of his friends on Facebook. Without thought, John swipes left inside of the article to bring up the sharing screen and proceeds to post the article to Facebook.

User Journey

A brief flow of the user's journey from opening to the app to sharing the article with his friends on Facebook. 

USA NOW User Flow (2)


Drafting and designing Meso was a smooth process, the wireframes set a strong foundation for the final compositions shown above.


Initial sketches laid the groundwork for our swipe to share feature. 


Final Compositions

The final renders of the project


Thanks for checking out USA NOW!

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