Meso is a concept application that builds upon the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) storm report system. 
The application allows the user to view current storm reports and historical storm reports with optional activity heatmaps and spidermaps that connect to similar scenarios near the selected site. 

Project Type

UI/UX, Motion, Class Project



7 Weeks, Fall 2017




The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's current Storm Report and Storm History system is out of date. It would benefit from a functionality boost and visual facelift.



1.  VISUAL UPDATE - Rebuild the existing NOAA SPC Storm Reports system into a clean, concise and modern interface that is easy to use. 

2.  DOSSIERAdd the ability to select an individual storm report to learn about its exact location, description and media submitted by SkyWarn spotters.

3.  TIMELINE - Add an interactive timeline that grants the user the ability to access past storm reports on with ease.


Easy to access, real-time data

Find and view storm reports in a large interactive map of the United States. 

final_comp 2 (0-00-03-30)_1

Expand to view more

Focus on a specific area to view specific reports.

final_comp 2 (0-00-05-28)

Tap to review a report

Simply tap an illuminated storm icon to get additional details on said report. 

final_comp 2 (0-00-07-25)

Scrub the timeline to view older reports.

Tap the date to bring up an interactive timeline that features a built-in graph showcasing storm reports for a given day.

final_comp 2 (0-00-11-41)


User Stories


Sal Bonpensiero 

          41 year old Sal Bonpensiero is considered by many to be the 'weatherman' of his North Jersey friend group. Sal Bopensiero is a weather aficionado who has heard folk-tales of the 'Great Newark Twister of 1992' but has never heard or seen anything about it. However, thanks to the release of Meso he can easily use the timeline scrubber to check the entire NOAA recorded weather events for a twister that may have hit Newark in 1992. Once he finds the sacred twister, he will be able to retrieve a detailed dossier on said event just by tapping on it. 

Kip LaPointe 

          Kip LaPointe is a batshit insane 29 year old meterologist who also just happens to chase severe weather when the spring storm season rears its ugly head in the midwest. Kip tries to help communities hit by major storms and uses the storm report dossier feature on Meso to figure out which area needs the most help after a severe weather outbreak. 

User Journey

Concept user-flow of using the two primary features within Meso, scrubbing the timeline and the storm report dossier. 

MESO User Journey

Style + Moodboard

Unlike the outdated, Windows 95-esque feel of the current SPC reports section, I aimed to make Meso feel modern and fresh, with a dash of futuristic/Deus Ex.



Drafting and designing Meso was a smooth process, the wireframes set a strong foundation for the final compositions shown above.


Initial sketches created the base feature-set for the entire design. 


Final Compositions

Behold, the big kahuna after working in a windowless design dungeon for weeks on end.


Thanks for checking out Meso!

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