Daybreak is the result of a short 4 week project where we had to make an application that featured a 'fidget gallery', which could include dismissing, engagement and/or accept behaviors. 
Daybreak is a stack of interactive digital cards that are interconnected with the users digital services/smarthome services.

Project Type

UI/UX, Motion, Class Project



4 Weeks, Fall 2016




With the rise of smarthome devices has come the rise of apps to control said smarthome devices.

LIFX, IFTTT, Phillips Hue, Nest and many, many more have quickly infested the market. 

Daybreak aims to condense the control of these smarthome devices/applications into a singular application that is presented to the user at the beginning of a new day as a deck of interactive cards. Commands for each card are dictated by a right swipe (for yes) or a left swipe (for no). 


1.  Create a fidget gallery system that dictates the use of a users smarthome services.  

2.  Build upon said fidget gallery with a curated news delivery system to further enhance potential usage within the application. 


Start with the essentials

Local weather, today's top stories, the time and a friendly good morning starts off the deck within Daybreak.


Catch up with your colleagues

Missed a call from CDC director warning you of the outbreak of a horrific disease that turns people into walking corpses? Daybreak will let you know and present with a variety of options.. or you can just swipe right to call back!

Brew in bed

Almost everyone on this god-forsaken rock hurdling around the sun has a cup of joe in the morning, so what if you could brew it before even leaving the comfort of your bed? The future is now


Swipe on, swipe off

Back in the day everyone was going bananas about the magic of clapping to turn your favorite antique lamp on and off. Move over clap on, clap off - swipe on, swipe off is the new way to turn on the lights. 


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