USA NOW is an off-shoot application that revolves around the content of the current USA TODAY life section. 
The goal of the project was to reinvigorate the USA TODAY brand in hopes of attracting a more millennial audience to the platform.

Project Type




8 Weeks, Spring 2017 








Relevant, bite sized content

Five full-screen panels of briefly-described news curated for you are shown on the homescreen.










Just swipe to read and share

Swipe to read, swipe to share











Seamless advertising

Once you exhaust your current stories, you can opt to view another curated top 5 - they just need to pass through a panel advertisment.










Easy on the eyes

The app automatically shifts its color scheme based on the currently selected story. 










Building the foundation

While the direction for the app was decided early on in the process, there were a few features such as a category menu and a 'roll the dice' feature that got cut due to time constraints. 





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