THE REEL is an evergrowing nexus of premium sports content curated and delivered to you.
The goal of the project was to create a simple yet elegant application where the user can easily access a near-infinite library of their favorite sports highlights.

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5 Weeks, Fall 2016

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Easy access

Signing in is easy, just enter your username and password.

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Pick your sports and go

Select a handful of sports you like and tap a button to get a curated list of sports highlights made just for you.



Initiation 2
Primary Reel Feed









Spin the score-wheel

Your curated list of highlights will also generate a custom scorewheel for easy tracking of current scores across multiple games, just spin the wheel with your finger to view different scores!











Put into motion

The end goal of the project was to assemble the compositions into a fully animated piece from the start of the userflow to the very end.











Hi-Fi wireframing the future of sports

The Reel was originally going to operate through a Tinder-esque 'hot or not' system, with the user being able to swipe right for similar highlights, swipe left for less similar highlights. This was revisited for another project.





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