Meso is a concept application that builds upon the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) storm report system. 
The application allows the user to view current storm reports and historical storm reports with optional activity heatmaps and spidermaps that connect to similar scenarios near the selected site. 

Project Type

UI/UX, Motion



10 Weeks, Fall 2017 

Easy to access, real-time data

Find and view storm reports in a large interactive map of the United States. 

final_comp 2 (0-00-03-30)_1

Expand to view more

Focus on a specific area to view specific reports.

final_comp 2 (0-00-05-28)

Tap to review a report

Simply tap an illuminated storm icon to get additional details on said report. 

final_comp 2 (0-00-07-25)

Scrub the timeline to view older reports.

Tap the date to bring up an interactive timeline that features a built-in graph showcasing storm reports for a given day.

final_comp 2 (0-00-11-41)


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